72712 Grinder Weed Star - lemn sculptat

Stoc indisponibil 72712 Grinder Weed Star - lemn sculptat

Grinder WEED STAR - unicat !!!

Confectionat din lemn masiv, sculptat pe exterior, interior metalic.

Diametru : 45 mm

Inaltime : 55 mm

Grinder cu 4 parti, partea superioara contine o piatra in forma de....

This Weedstar grinder consists of metal in the inside, the metal teeth are arranged in several concentric circles. Bottom and top stick together by a little magnet. The grinder is separated into four chambers. Additionally to the usual mill, there is a catch chamber, collecting the milled material. And on the very bottom, there is a dust chamber, where all the smallest residuals gather.
The mill is coated by a wooden outside, which is richly decorated with carvings. A slice of carved soap stone is embedded in the wooden top, which shows a cannabis leaf as a carving

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  • Producător: Weed Star
  • Cod produs: 72712
  • Disponibilitate: Stoc indisponibil
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